How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with BlockChain

Ensure you have;

  • A good android or iPhone smartphone or a PC
  • An updated browser because blockchain features doesn’t work on old browsers…
  • Use browser’s like Google chrome, updated Firefox, UC browser, Opera browser with JavaScript enabled (don’t use opera mini)


Open this link in new tab –>

Locate and click wallet in the menu tab

It will load the login page, click “create new wallet at the top”


Go to the wallet signup page by clicking this link –> Bitcoin wallet 

Fill the form with your real information and a secured password you can remember quickly…

But I don’t need to stress myself because I can request for a new password now…

Request what? Blockchain doesn’t store your password on their server which means when you forget your password, your bitcoin wallet is gone…


What if I have Bitcoins in the wallet, I can’t gain access to it?

No you can’t and that is why blockchain deviced many means for you to secure your account very well…


By creating a recovery password

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What is a recovery password?

A recovery password is just like a second password that will be used to recover your funds or bitcoins from the wallet …

Because ones you have lost the password, you can’t access the wallet again, you can only transfer your funds away from it by using the recovery password you created for the wallet…

I hope you understand me…

How to create a Recovery password for my Bitcoin wallet (Blockchain)

Login to your wallet

On the dashboard click menu and click “security center”

The security center page is where you can make your bitcoin wallet very secure…

The page is like this image below

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain

Click on the blue color “backup phrase” button

Enter your main wallet password on the popup, (your main wallet password is the password you used to login)

The recovery password will be generated

Please ensure to write the generated recovery password somewhere safe to avoid the unexpected.

The security page can also allow you to secure your wallet from hackers by

Creating a password hint

Creating a password hint will allow you to quickly remember the password you are using…

Let’s say your password is –> “Naija2good and the password hint is “9ja2gud“,

You can quickly remember your password using that hint…

Link your Mobile Number

When you link your phone number with our wallet, a code will be sent as an SMS when you attempt to login which means you must at all cost secure your SIM card because you will not be able to login without it…
SMS is at no cost …. Its free

There are other security features on the security center page…

You have created a bitcoin wallet with blockchain,

A wallet ID will be displayed on the webpage and sent to your email address together with the account verification details

You will be redirected to the login page the dashboard.

This is the screenshot of the dashboard

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain

Click on the blue color “Start receiving bitcoin” button…

Your bitcoin wallet address will be displayed

How to create a Bitcoin Wallet with Blockchain

The address is like your bitcoin wallet account number, without it, you cannot receive bitcoins from people …

You can add new bitcoin address but that is not important for now…

If you still insist,

Navigate to settings by clicking the menu icon

Click “Address”

On the address page, scroll down and add new wallet address.

Now you have successfully created a bitcoin wallet with blockchain and you can send and receive bitcoins to and from anywhere in the world.

I recommend you create your secured Bitcoin wallet with block chain at no cost…

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