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Best way to Get GTBank User Id

How to get GTBank Internet Banking Account / User ID

In this brief tutorial, I’m going to share with you how you can create a Gtbank internet Banking User id online.
In today’s world, the importance of mobile and internet banking is invaluable. It has made business and the world as a whole a global village. Some of its importance includes the fact that you can make transactions from anywhere and at any time. Also, it has helped save time which would have been wasted standing in long queues at banks just to deposit or send some money to our business partners, family, friends, and loved ones.

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

GTBank has also rolled out a convenient, yet effective mobile and internet banking platform from where you can send money and do some other online transactions at will. Their mobile banking enables customers to check balance, stop and confirm cheques, buy and send airtime, book flights, pay other bills and transfer money to other accounts, etc.

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We will be looking at how to open a GTBank user ID in this post.


This can be done in two ways; the first is by filling a form at any GTBank branch nearest to you or by registering online.

  1. Registering by form filling: to register, you can simply work into any GTBank branch near you and request for the internet banking form. Fill and submit the form and your login details will be sent to you within some days.

You can also download the internet banking form online, print it, fill, scan and send it as an attachment to if you don’t have the time to go to any of their branches or have no branch near to you.

After submission, request for your details and they will be sent to you.

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  1. Registering online: This is a new and indeed the most flexible way of getting an internet banking ID. You just have to go to this link On the site, you will be required to input your NUBAN, card PAN, card expiry date and card pin. The image below shows how the page looks like:

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

You might be thinking what all these abbreviations mean. Not to worry, I will tell you what they all mean in a bit.

  • NUBAN means Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number. This is your 10 digit account number issued upon registration of your bank account.
  • Card PAN is your card’s Personal Account Number. This is the number seen on the front side of your debit card or credit card . If you are still confused, look at the picture below to get further  clarification.
Best way to Get GTBank User Id

gtbank Visa Card

You will be required to enter 5 numbers from the card PAN in varying orders. Check out to know their required order.

  • Card expiry date: this is seen directly below the card PAN number and is the date your card will expire. Refer to the image above to see how it looks like.
  • Card Pin: this is the 4-pin number you chose when activating your card at the bank.

Once you provide these details, solve the CAPTCHA and click on the Continue button.


An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the email address you used to register your account. Enter the OTP sent to your email and click on “SIGN ME UP”.

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

Once clicked, you will be shown a congratulations page. Check the email for these details. Then visit and click on the Log in button which can be seen at the bottom right of their home page.

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

Then click on the on/off button on the next page. This button is found below “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN”.

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

Best way to Get GTBank User Id

Once clicked, then enter the username and password sent to your email and that’s it! you have successfully gotten your internet banking user ID.





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  • please help me on what to do..
    I can’t log in, since I ddownload my GTB App on my New Phone, it keep saying an error occurred while login in please try again later. thanka

  • please help me on what to do..
    I can’t log in, since I downloaded my GTB App on my New Phone, it keep saying an error occurred while login in please try again later, seriously need help.

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