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(Last Updated On: 05/01/2017)

Bitconary Paying 150% After 200hours


Bitconary is a trading software created by some of the greatest minds in the financial field. Bitconary is the world’s only win-win robotic trading software where losses are covered by wins by forex robot.

You make 150% of your deposited bitcoin amount in 200 hours, depending on how much more you reinvest you can earn even more.

Don’t trade what you can’t risk losing, xtrahola or any of its staff will not be held responsible for any loss incurred in the process of using this program.

When you make a deposit, and as soon as your payment is confirmed, your deposit will be automatically added to your profile. Now you need to wait for 1 Bitcoin network confirmation, when your payment is confirmed, the win-win robot will start working. Starting from the next hour, you will receive 0.75% payments directly to your Bitcoin wallet for 200 hours.


Bitconary Payment Proof

I joined this site on the first day of launching and I’m still receiving bitcoin in my wallet now. Made my initial capital already after 4 days of joining.

TIP: Share your referral link with your friends because if they make deposits under you, you will receive 10% commission instantly but do note that referrals are not needed as you’ll still be paid hourly with or without referrals.
NOTE: Only your wallet address is required for signup and the same wallet address for login. input correct wallet address, so that payment will be made into your wallet hourly.

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Click this link to join with your bitcoin wallet address: Join Bitconary Here


      1. From the whois information ( bitconary ), his name is SILJE HOLM. Do you know who it is, you know it? If you have his contact?

          Registry Tech ID:
          Tech Name: SILJE HOLM
          Tech Organization: BITCONARY LTD
          Tech Street: VANSOVAGEN 10
          Tech City: TORESTORP
          Tech State/Province: TORESTORP
          Tech Postal Code: 511 57
          Tech Country: SE
          Tech Phone: +46.03202681675

  1. I will try it but I have a question for the admin but how do I reach him. Here is my mail( wish I can get to you for private discussion

  2. hellloooo,,, bitconary didn’t pay me since yesterday i made payment into the system,, could anyone tell me why this,,,, thanks

  3. is a cruel scam even when they are not paying if you send bitcoin to them it will receive and you will get nothing in return. Another proof of it being a scam is there is no contact us information or about us on the site. so it is a very low budget site. So many things are not right about the site. All they are after is a means to get your bitcoin.

    1. someone just made payment yesterday and hasnt received any payment ,,, they paid me for 2days too… anyone who has downline is in trouble now

        1. I joined bitconary two days ago, it paid me for two days, I checked my wallet this morning and the last payments issued to me were done yesterday. I am beginning to have serious doubts this scheme

    1. anyone know whether Bitconary still paying? the robot activity still running, trading history showed hourly interest calculated, BUT where the payment of bitcoin goes? So far only received 15 times hourly payment, then stop. what happend?

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