10 Reasons why TheBillionCoin(TBC) is a SCAM

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2017)

In this post, I’ll tell you why I think theBillionCoin is a scam and present some facts below to prove why it shouldn’t be called a Cryptocurrency, let’s go. 

Why TheBillionCoin is a scam

 TheBillionCoin Scam- Self Acclaimed Cryptocurrency

Meaning of Cryptocurrency: A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography.  Okay, maybe that wasn’t so straight to the point, take this one instead then, it is a digital currency designed to work as a medium of exchange using encryption techniques to secure transactions and creation of additional units of the currency.

Examples include the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, Ripple, Mastercoin, Dogecoin and other’s, let me stop there.

Cryptocurrency has become very famous today, known and used by almost everyone. Behind it also, are some fraudsters trying to seize the moment to make some profit for themselves by using the term, cryptocurrency.

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There are a lot of them, one which includes “TheBillionCoin” or TBC. Like many digital currencies, this one claims it’s market value increases daily.  When TBC first came in, it’s opening price was €0.001 and has supposedly gone up in value by 5% ever since that day. Off course, that sounds too good to be true, the aim is to attract new members settling them with the idea that they can become a millionaire in a short period of time. It is a fact that most of the new members are people who don’t have a true understanding of what cryptocurrency is and how it works.



TBC price increase chart


 What Determines the Value of a Cryptocurrency 

You’ve seen the chart above of how TheBillionCoin claims to have it’s price go up every day but in this section, I’ll briefly explain what determines the value of a cryptocurrency.

In short, the price of a Cryptocurrency is determined by its supply and demand. For example, when demand for bitcoins increases, the price increases, and when demand falls, the price falls. Get it, right?.

Demand here is based largely on two factors: The utility of the Cryptocurrency and Speculation. Utility is the ability to use the said cryptocurrency to buy things or to pay for things that you want. Speculation is the belief that the Cryptocurrency may one day be much more than they are now, i.e. future utility.

What is The Billion Coin?

The Billion Coin is fully decentralized peer to peer crypto currency somewhat like bitcoin but it operates on its own principle,  created with a concept of ending poverty globally and having a formula whereby its value grows based on the billion coin’s community growth.


Why is TheBillionCoin Not a Cryptocurrency?

This is what we all came for, so continue reading below;

  1. TheBillionCoin(TBC) is not on , that is by far a major blow against “TheBillionCoin”.

Please Note:  TheBillionCoin(TBC) is different from (TurboCoin(TBC) –>no longer in existence), they both have the same abbreviation but they are not the same.

2. It’s value always goes up. That is not supposed to be, unless it’s value is determined by the owner of TheBillionCoin and not by the market because there is no cryptocurrency which its market value goes up at all times. It is just a mechanism to look for more members.

3.  There is no open market supporting this coin. If at any time this scheme was to fall, all the members will only have a worthless coin, because members cannot sell their coins anywhere. There’s actually no legit exchanger for the billion coin, a quick search on google will reveal to you.

4. It uses a Multi Level Marketing style.

5. Uses testimonials and the idea of their trickery of a millionaire board into getting new members.

6. It can’t be Mined, like seriously? How then are more coins generated?

7. It has a bad reputation on Reddit and on the Bitcointalk Forum.

8. Users get banned without Warning. Its users have complained about their accounts being banned without warning, this might happen when they sell their coins at a cheaper rate or whatever reason they choose to ban for. You will lose your coins forever.


9. After the TBC upgrade, TBC has blocked the SEND BUTTON on all user accounts and you’re required to pay an Annual fee of $10 before you can become a Trusted Seller.

You are not a trusted seller of TBC

You are not a trusted seller of TBC

10. TBC – TheBillion coin is not Open source, it has no roadmap, it is being controlled by it’s owners.

These are just some of the facts to prove that TheBillionCoin is a Scam, a deception in the name of a cryptocurrency. Many of us have fallen for this, it’s high time the truth came out.

I’d love to hear your opinion, feel free to oppose the facts I have outlined or to let me know what you think about this Coin, thank you.


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About the author

Joseph Ibezim

Joseph is an Internet scientist by mind and founder of Xtrahola, Inc. Lover of all things tech, and general geekery.


  • Mr. Joseph Ibezim,You can call TBC anything you like for today, Tomorrow will definately prove you wrong, that I believed!!

    • TBC is not a scam. please study and learn more about TBC. Go to the TBC testimonial page you will amaze how people embrace TBC and change thier lives.thanks and God bless!

      • Ok so please buy mine I do not want it anymore. O sorry I forgot, this scam you are not able to buy mine because you already have your own. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa SCAM

  • TBC is real guys, infant TBC is a Gods sent blessing for all, Tbc is here to liberate many souls out of poverty, am a living testimony, BTC was de worst scam in 2009 to 2013 says ur type of ungrateful fellow, no1) no body is forced to joined TBC community, no2) TBC $10 fee is for life time wallet fee, no3) Tbc do not charge for transaction fee, but what about BTC dat can even charge u 20 to 50% of ur transaction as fee each time u do one, tell me who is criminal/scamer here TBC or BtC?, what do u even knew about BTC DAT u are trying to defend for non scaming? Hmmm i guess u are a JJC in the Crypto world, u not happy because u can not manipulate TBC Value unlike BTC dat de wicked ones like u do manipulate anytime any hour, am sorry TBC have a deferent mission and its mission is to end poverty globally, TBC is here for de poor people to have a say in de corrupt world at large, I have a bad news for you and ur types, stay clear against TBC community because u people can not manipulate TBC Value, infant is time u people repent from ur evil way and think positively for once, alws rember de future of de poor ones among us and how to liberate them, if u think poverty is good u can become poor and make them Rich just for 60days and see how de masses are suffering in poverty, God must Bless Tbc Adimn for this tremendous mission he have chosen to, any true tbcian dat knew well and educated about TBC ll alws stand for TBC and its adology and mind u TBC is a community base crypto and not a market base crpto dat can be manipulated, and TBC ll never ever be on coin market that is control be de evil people de (elite) TBC is a new idea or concept just like de way BTC was a new idea in de year 2008/2009 and was tag scam too and it took BTC over 3 to 4years to even start gaining recognition, 30$ worth of pizza was purchased with hole 10,000 BTC for lack of trust or believe, today de man must be in a highest regret of his life for listing to ur types who tag BTC a scam back then and he was miss leaded as u are now trying to do to TBC investors who don’t even knew or undstd where they have invested their money, u must live to regret it soon for missing out TBC weath for lack of trust/believe, TBC wealth and mission is Real, and if u blinks u miss, u can what’s app this number for Educations about TBC @+2347063597289, I stand with TBC and our great and wonderful Adinm, give it a second thought, bye.

    • What is tbc? A coin or fiat? If its a coin why is it not on coin market cap? Why is it not as popular as other cryptos? What is the percentage of the holders in the world as compared to other digital currencies? How and who determines the value? It is already highly manipulated by the creators. You don’t have to be so aggressively irate to defend what you have confidence in. TBC is damned SCAM and you are one of its manipulated victims. Q.E.D. !

      • well i want you to know that when bitcoin came on board people also said it is a scam but to day people like you are raning around for it.what you do not understand does exit tbc is one of body beleived in this world that a piece of iron can go up and remain.thanks to wheelbar brothers.we can fly around.tbc will shock the world.

    • Ok so please buy mine I do not want it anymore. O sorry I forgot, this scam you are not able to buy mine because you already have your own. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa SCAM

  • TBC is real. You guys have to be patient . TBC is not a cryptocurrcency but a private digital currency of a Communauty called TheBillioncoin.
    Actually the rate is 1% per day because we have reached the ultimate price.
    Now we are working to partner with 3 banks . TBC will be exchanged. We just need to continue to grow in our communauty that’s the most important thing.
    As we know, in a first time wee will be able to exchange 500 usd per week but that is just the beginning.

    Keep calm and follow TheBillionCoin positively.

    We know that this a strange cryptocurrency for some people Lol but keep in mind that we have a mission and don’t be disturbed by the ignorant people.

    • yes bro tell them,every invention of man once looks foolish not untill the one who believes in it sucesseds he becomes an icon and a force to recorn with

  • Why did the tbc admin decide to show tbc in Euro and removed conversion option to other currencies? Also, some people paid for the $10 activation fee for over 9 months but their send buttons are yet to be activated? Isn’t that a red flag?

  • TBC idea is good and ordinarily could have been feasible. Note that
    Bitcoin Is awesome today because the creator gave it room to be trusted. This they did by not interrupting its natural growth with any shade of control. This over time built confidence .
    But the operators of TBC forgot that confidence is the bedrock of cryptocurrency/cryptography. Controlling TBC by their admin the
    way they are doing , raises serious doubts on its legitimacy.
    Tbc can still be salvaged. Let it be decentralized, pay less attention to the so called discounters, they will only regret in due time, forget the $10 back office charge, and keep on campaigning on the ideals and values of TBC.

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